The New Deal
Updated: 1/28/2021
The New Deal

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  • Women
  • I was pressured to quit my job and free up jobs for men. I now stay home and support my family through household chores.
  • African Americans
  • We were able to get a factory job, however, we are the lucky ones.
  • Native Americans
  • Women had what is described as a "mixed deal". Some women were forced to quit there jobs to make room for men. There came a point where women were not hired in some cases. However, under FDR more women where is positions of power than ever. Frances Perkins was the first female memeber of the cabinet.
  • Mexican Americans
  • I'm really upset that I have to take my family back to Mexico.
  • Although programs like the CCC and the WPA created jobs for many African Americans, workplace descrimination still took place. Many African Americans were denied jobs, and the unemployment rate was higher than it was for whites. Eleanor Roosevelt made big steps in civil rights. She allowed African American singers to perform in front of a large audiance to gain recognition.
  • The Indian Reorganization act of 1934 gave Native Americans the right to form their own governments. They now had control over policies that effected their lives. However, just like before the Great Depression started, they still lived in major poverty.
  • Life in the Depression was hard for the Mexican Americans, they were one of the minority groups that had the worst outcomes. The job market was not good in the south west, where most Mexican Americans lived. The AAA cut back on a lot of jobs for farmers. The government deported a lot of people and some even went back to Mexico willingly.