Unknown Story

Updated: 9/16/2020
Unknown Story

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  • me and kiera hung out alot.
  • so witch house do you want to hang out at? mine or yous?
  • i dont care. lets go to yours
  • no to lazy lets just sit here and stare at the sky
  • me and kiera had sleepovers.
  • want to go run around and play tag?
  • me and kiera explored the city as much as we could.
  • 711?
  • where should we go
  • me and my sister kiera hung out together bassically the whole summer.
  • kiera and i went swimings.
  • we had a sleepover at her house just about every night.
  • kiera and i went out to eat alot
  • we rode are bikes around alot and we went to 711 alot to get big gulps.
  • kiera and i went on alot of car rides. up north
  • it smells like wet dog
  • wow she really is dumb....oh wait she is blond
  • wow i wonder why?
  • my sister sam has a pool so we go swimming at there alot.
  • im cold
  • come swim with me
  • i told you no!
  • we went to stores alot but had to wear mask witch i didnt really like but i knew it was safe.
  • i hate theese masks
  • well they will protect us so.
  • we go up north alot and we go for rides alot with our dog.