Sam And The Lost Money
Updated: 1/22/2021
Sam And The Lost Money

Storyboard Text

  • Sam, what would you like to eat for the movie we're watching later?
  • A few bags of chips sounds great
  • Sam it's okay I can pay for your chips
  • Oh no I forgot my money at home I can't pay formy chips!
  • I can help whoever is next in line
  • I don't know about that one sam, i'll just pay for your chips
  • Look the old man that was in front of us dropped a 20$ bill, it's my lucky day today! We should take it before anyone sees
  • It's okay ill pay for the chips, you should give that old man his hard earned money back
  • How would you like to pay?
  • ehhhh, ill just keep the 20, i don't think keeping 20$ would hurt
  • Sam you should give the old man his money back, because church teachings taught us to live our lives by the 10 commandments and 1 of the commandments states that YOU SHALL NOT STEAL
  • You know what, your right, I will give the old man his money back, and from this day on I will live my life by the 10 commandments, and treat people how I would like to be treated
  • Thanks you for shopping with us!
  • Sir wait up!
  • Sir we would like to return money that you've dropped back inside the grocery store
  • Oh thank goodness, how sweet of you boys returning the money, watch out because there is good karma going yall ways!