Neptune Research Project

Updated: 8/31/2021
Neptune Research Project

Storyboard Description

(Sorry if you think this lacks backrounds)

Storyboard Text

  • Box 1
  • Me
  • Box 2
  • Box 3
  • The name of my planet is Neptune.My name is Kenzie.
  • Box 4
  • My planet was discovered in September 23,1846.
  • Box 5
  • Neptune is an outer planet.It's neighbor is Uranus.
  • Box 6
  • Neptune is 15,299 miles long. Neptune has thirteen moons.
  • Neptune is made out of gasses and clouds. It's climate Is very cold.
  • My facts are: Neptune is the farthest from the sun. It's largest moon is called Triton. The planet is impossible to live on. It is way to cold. Triton is as big as big as earth's moon.