2nd Amendement Bill of Rights project for Hughes
Updated: 1/9/2021
2nd Amendement Bill of Rights project for Hughes

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Its the name of the title bruh

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  • Hey Sam, I'm 21 now, I have a gun permit, own a firearm and I'm moving to Massachusetts in a week as you know, I have some questions. Is it legal to carry a firearm in Massachusetts?
  • Hey Jack, yeah, since the 2nd Amendment is the right to bear arms, it is legal in each state of the United States.
  • Am I allowed to arrive in the state with my firearm on me, or does it have to be transported separately in order to keep my 2nd amendment rights?
  • It has to be transported, there are laws about how the gun must be transported for each state, and you must know and follow the gun laws of the state you're passing through or you will lose your 2nd Amendment rights.
  • That much is obvious, last question, do I need to get another permit in that state to legally keep my firearm?
  • Yeah, thanks a lot Sam, see you tomorrow and then see you on the holidays, bye!
  • No, if you already do have a permit for your firearm in one state, they checked your background and don't have to get another one, is that all?
  • You're always welcome, and see you tomorrow, bye!
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