Updated: 1/17/2021

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  • Momo waking up
  • What's happening, where is Mr Hora?
  • Why I am back here?
  • Momo has been gone for a year and one day
  • DURING THAT YEAR Guido: Famous and rich.
  • I miss Momo so much, i wish i could be with her.
  • I am going to tell everyone about Momo and Men in grey
  • Guido lost his ability to tell stories, now he was telling lies...
  • You better not say anything about us, because thanks to us you are famous
  • Ring Ring..
  • Okey...
  • Beppo try to find Momo...
  • there's a missing girl, i don't know her last name or her parents
  • you are insane
  • I am not Crazy
  • Beppo in the hospital for nervous disorders
  • Can I tell, yo the story of Momo?
  • So Beppo got out from the hospital and start to sweep to save time
  • You have to save Momo so don't tell any stories about usokey
  • You have to save time from now on, to save Momo