romeo and Juliet
Updated: 5/23/2020
romeo and Juliet

Storyboard Text

  • Balthasar has arrived in Mantua to tell Romeo the news of "Juliets death"(she is not really dead).
  • I had a wonderful dream about some joyful news. It has made me cheerful.
  • Balthasar tells Romeo about the "death" of Juliet.
  • Do you have any news? How is my wife? How is my father?
  • Juliet is dead. I saw them put her in a tomb.
  • Romeo is in shock and wants to go back to Verona
  • What?!?! I must ride back to Verona!
  • OK Romeo calm down. You look like you are going to be sick
  • As Balthasar leaves, Romeo wants to kill himself. He plans to ask a poor pharmacists that lives near by for some poison.
  • I am going to kill myself!!
  • Romeo calls out to a poor beggar that is also a pharmacists. Romeo asks for a poison, but at first the beggar refuses because it is against the law and the penalty is death.
  • I need your most lethal poison.
  • I have that kind of poison, but it is against the law to sell it.
  • Romeo insists that he needs the money. The beggar realizes he really does need it since he is poor and old. He decided to break the law and give him the poison.
  • I'll pay you 40 ducats. You need the money.
  • I agree because I’m poor, not because I want to. Here is the poison.