Skit 5
Updated: 8/10/2020
Skit 5

Storyboard Text

  • Polynomials are so confusing, ehat is happening. What is she doing.
  • Class today we will be learning how to do polynomials.
  • No, sorry, you lost me at polynomials, I have never heard about that. If you really need the help, I recommend ed asking your teacher to help you out before class.
  • Dude today in class we learned polynomials and I am so confused. I didn't know what the teacher was saying, or what she was even. Do you know how to dot hem, can you help me out..
  • The Next Day:
  • Yes, of course, meet me in my classroom during lunch and i'll explain what you don't understand. Thank you asking instead of staying confused.
  • Miss P, I am so glad to see you. I was wondering if there was anyway that you could help me out, since I didn't understand the lesson yesterday.
  • This makes so much sense now. Thank you for taking time out of your lunch to help me.
  • How to solve polynomials:
  • During this lunch period Miss P. explain to Natalie how to solve polynomials and by the end Natalie now understood everything.
  • No problem, thnank you for speaking up. Remeber I am always here in case you need help.
  • You need to take a break. Let's go get some food, so you can be get energized, destress for a little, and when we come back I'll help you out.
  • ugh, I am so done with school. I AM SOOOO STRESSED.
  • Im always here for you!
  • Thank you for this I already feel so much better.