Hades & Persephone
Updated: 12/15/2020
Hades & Persephone

Storyboard Text

  • Persephone wanders off into a forest and sees a very ugly bush and decided that she will tear it up from the ground.
  • Bring her back NOW!
  • Okay. I will send Hermes down to get our daughter.
  • Hades kidnapped our daughter to marry!
  • They will make a beautiful couple.
  • Hades comes out of the ground where the bush was and takes Persephone to marry her in the underworld.
  • Demeter went into the forest looking for Persephone and sees the bush and realizes Hades took Persephone and that they are getting married. Also, a boy comes to the forest and laughs at her for crying, so she turns him into a lizard.
  • Demeter tells Zeus to make Hades return their daughter. But he says no and that they should be together. Demeter responds saying that she will make everyone in the world go hungry. Zeus sent Hermes
  • Hades tries to bribe Persephone to love him but nothing works. He got an idea to make a garden for her and she fell in love with it. Soon Hermes came to bring her to Olympus.
  • I'm bringing you back to Olympus! But, you can only stay there for six months then you have to say here for six months, because you ate 6 seeds.
  • They arrive at Olympus and everyone is happy, but she only gets to stay there for six months. When she is in the underworld for six months no vegetation will grow.
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