Story 1
Updated: 2/9/2020
Story 1

Storyboard Text

  • What?!
  • Were going on vacation!
  • I forgot my charger. Can we go back!?
  • (mom): No sorry!
  • The plane to Hawaii has a 4 hour delay!
  • Oh well...!
  • Ugh!
  • Once Upon a Time a girl named Maddie was sitting in her room bored. Her mom walks in and says she has a suprise.
  • Whens this taxi gonna be here?!
  • The day of the trip comes. Her and her family are all packed. There on their way to the airport, the suddenly she remembers she forgot her phone charger.
  • (all): EWWWWW
  • They had not relized the weather was so bad. They checked into the airport and were waiting to board. Then the annoucments said there was a 4 hr. delay to their plane.
  • Well time to go home...?
  • They finally arrived to vacation & they called a taxi but the taxi took 2 hours to arrive.
  • They went to their hotel room. It was nasty. Their were tons of beetles all over the walls and a rat.
  • They cleaned out the room and were getting their bags settled in. Their dad gets a call, its his boss. Tey have to go home because her dad has to work... the end.