Math Benchmark
Updated: 1/28/2021
Math Benchmark

Storyboard Text

  • Hey man I want to know what the function for this ramp would be, would you help me?
  • Enough math, its time for a trick
  • Ok! Show me what you got!
  • Check this ou--!! WAAAHH!!
  • Jerry and Terry are best friends and are in the same class, Jerry is the one without a hat and Terry is the one with the hat. Terry doesn't really understand how to use quadratic functions and wants some help from Jerry to see a real-world example of the math that they are learning.
  • Jerry then explains that writing an exact function for the ramp will be difficult but they can get close to it. Jerry thinks that the closest estimate he can give is that the function is 1/4x^2. He says this because the ramp is wider than a basic x^2 function, and since fractional functions are what show a wider graph he thought that would be close enough.