anitgone storyboard by alannah oxendine
Updated: 5/18/2020
anitgone storyboard by alannah oxendine

Storyboard Text

  • courage
  • The first mask is about the play Anitgone. The images represent the motifs, symbols and theme. The ship was mentioned in the play regarding Creon's son saying a quote about a ship. The stone is there for death. Everyone seems to die after the death of the brothers and the events after. The heart is for anitgone and her loyalty to family. the glasses with the red line represent blindness. The dirt and hole are here for the brother's burials. Courage is a motif in this play.
  • The second mask is about me. The smiley face shows that i am a fun person most of the time. The VISA shows how i love shopping. The snapchat symbol is on here along with the phone because i am usually on my phone on that media platform. The food, fruit and drink show that i love eating. The microphone and weights show i love msuic and working out. The flag is for me living in America.