Brianna Galloway PEGS Colonial Regions Storyboard

Brianna Galloway  PEGS Colonial Regions Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • New England Colonies
  • Middle Colonies
  • Southern Colonies
  • The New England colonies made their first written constitution, ruled by the English monarchy. They are very religious and very strict. They have natural harbors for fishing and whaling. They have forests for lumber. Also have rocky soil so it is hard to plant.
  • The Middle colonies live by harbors and have good soil for planting. They planted crops a lot! They had slaves at the time, and they helped work. They wanted freedom for political. They were very religious and had a bunch of different groups.
  • In the Southern Colonies, they have the house of Burgesseses. They have ALOT of crops! They have the catholic havean and debtors.
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