the war of 1812.
Updated: 3/31/2020
the war of 1812.
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  • the british and the french
  • impressment
  • arming the tecumseh people
  • the british and the french were pushing the american's buttons. they seized american ships. they were stealing things from them. the stole war supplies so they were all ready for war.
  • the embargo act
  • the british started to take american soldiers when seizing their ships. they kidnapped american soldiers and made them fight for the british. jefferson was really bothered by this.
  • the non-intercourse act
  • the tecumseh were working with the british against the americans. they pressured the tecumseh to attack the americans with weapons and guns. the british started to push jefferson's buttons even more.
  • declaring war
  • thomas jefferson the president of america put in place an embargo to keep american merchants away from british trade ships. the embargo act didn't punish the british. the economy in some states took a huge hit as they relied on trading with other countries.
  • after the economy took a hit, jefferson put another act in place to allow trading with other nations and countries except with britain. this still didn't affect the britain though. jefferson was still angered.
  • the fifth president of the USA james monroe declared war on great britain after jefferson was no longer president. congress voted and they all agreed that that would be the best choice.
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