Whales,Bats and Echolocation
Updated: 6/9/2020
Whales,Bats and Echolocation

Storyboard Description

I will talk about how whales and bats use echolocation, why they need it to survive, and 3 things I learned from a book.

Storyboard Text

  • if bats did not have echolocation they may die to hunger
  • Bats use Echolocation to find food in the dark.
  • FLY!
  • Whales use echolocation to hunt because there environment if very dark and hard to see in
  • If they don"t use Echolocation not only will they be hungry they will not see and be easy prey
  • SWIM!
  • and 3. Standing in front of a brick wall and yellingdoes not usually produce an echo, however. This isbecause sound travels very quickly.
  • 3 facts for the book1. only a small percent of the sound actually hits the object and returns to the person
  • 2. echolocation. This process issimilar to the SONAR (sound navigation and ranging)used by submarines and other sea vessels to detectobjects underwater.