Leslie Burke Character Analysis
Updated: 9/13/2018
Leslie Burke Character Analysis
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  • The race
  • Leslie Burke Character Progression
  • By Riley Gallagher-Long Class 705
  • the move
  • In the beginning of the story of Bridge To Terabithia Leslie Burke moved into the country where her neighbour happened to be Jesse Aarons.This is one of the many things in the story that encourage their friendship.Proof of this in the story is:"It was May belle who came to tell him in the bean patch that people were moving into the old perkins place down on the next farm".
  • Leslie moved different schools to the same school as Jess.They were both in the same class again building a relationship with Jess(Most of her development is due to her friendship with Jess).For most of their first class they don't really interact until after the race but is is a big component of their relationship, which as i said is influential to her development.A quote that proves this is:"Jess didn’t see leslie burke again except from a distance until the first day at school, the following Tuesday, when Mr Turner brought her down to mrs myers fifth grade class at lark creek elementary".
  • Different School
  • The reason the race is an important part of character development is it helps her develop a friendship and friendly rivalry with Jess. In this part of the story she runs against Jess and he has been vigorously preparing for this race.Leslie beats him and Jess gets mad at her but she senses this and tries to do a number of friendly things to him so that they can get good and develop a friendship.A quote that proves this is ”She beat him.She came in first and turned her large shining eyes on a bunch of dumb sweating mad faces.”
  • Terabithia
  • Terabithia is the fictional land that leslie and jess created where imagination meets reality.it's the main bond between leslie and jess.Terabithia makes leslie a more socially open person and makes her more open to jess.Specific scenes when they develop is when leslie introduces the world of terabithia and imaginatio.
  • The last development of leslie is her stubborn attitude really developing causing her to hit her head on her head crossing worlds.This demonstration shows the bad side of leslie and how her personality can take a faal and shows how anybodys personality can always stab them in the back no matter how vibrant and ecstatic.
  • Death
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