Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • You will never be as pretty and elegant as I am.
  • Mom, is that really you!?
  • Im here to bless a person who deserves it the most, which in that case is you.
  • I dont know how you see me as, but I appear to a person as the person they love most.
  • Once, there was a beautiful and kind woman named Cinderella. She lives in a luxerious home with her two step sisters. She took care of them but they nevcer showed back any appreciation.
  • Oh my god.. I look so beautiful, thank you so much!
  • Cinderella's step sister are constantly bothering her and tormenting her by bringing her down and letting her feel bad about herself. This disrespect towards her doesnt stop Cinderella from being respectful and nice to others around her.
  • Thank you so much! Ill never forget this.
  • Cinderella was cleaning a room of her luxerious home and all of the sudden, a person that looked like her mother magically appeared. She said she was a fairy godmother and that she blesses who she thinks is worthy of being blessed.
  • You look amazing, I love you..
  • The fairy godmother takes Cinderella to another room to renovate her looks and her dress. They get ready for a graduation party that many people will be going to, even her long time crush. She got ready for the college graduation and she was nervous to see him.
  • The fairy godmother then summons a gentlemen, who se claims will drive Cinderella to the luxerious castle in which such graduation will take place.
  • Cinderella then enters the castle for the graduation and to her surprise, the boy she has liked for years, comes up to her for a date in the college graduation. She loves it and also does he, they dance and they end up marrying each other in the future. HTey both then become happy as they can be.