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  • OK, let's make bad laws to have no more Americans come into Texas and make some Americans leave Texas
  • The Mexican government sent Meir y Terran to see after a revolt from Americans to see how many Americans there were. So after Meir y Terran went to Texas he realized that Mexicans would be outnumbered 5 to 1. So he went as fast as he could back to the Mexican to tell them. He got there and told them what he saw. After that, the Mexican government thought to make laws to help lower the American numbers.
  • We are outnumbered. The American outnumber us 5 to 1.
  • I know, right!!!
  • Mier y Report
  • The new laws suck.
  • The Mexican government made laws that most Americans dislike if not loathed. They did this because of the Meir y Terran Report. Some of the laws were no more slaves. This law said as well no more Americans can come to Texas and goods from other places will be taxed.
  • Law of April 6, 1830
  • People want to chang-
  • Danger up head Arrest of Stephen F. Austin
  • Put him in jail.
  • Someone set use a letter stating they need help
  • William Travis was writing letters to get help. William Travis never got help because there was chaos where he was sending letters already. So Right before they started the battle he sent one last letter to see if he could get help, but sadly no help came from his letters.
  • Travis's letters
  • We can't help them. We are in enough chaos as is.
  • Attack the Alamo!!!
  • The battle of the alamo was one what a lot of people died. The battle happens because they wouldn’t get off their land and attack. The people defending the alamo were very little compared to the ones attacking to alamo. on top of that, the defender’s other commander was bedridden. After the fights, Texas lost.
  • Alamo
  • Defend the Alamo!!!
  • We surrender!
  • Goliad Massacre
  • Kill them all
  • Texans were surrounded and James Fannie Tod every to surrendered. The Mexicans thought about what to do. After a minute they decided one option would help them. They thought that if they killed them with no mercy then that would scare them to not fight. So they killed all of them with no mercy.
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