Updated: 2/15/2020
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  • Hey y'all, its me, potassium. You might be wondering what I've been up to, well let me explain how a fine looking metal like me, got here.
  • Well, I started at a fresh new school. I tried being friends with that group of friends but they acted like they were better than me and were so full of themselves. So I tried finding other friends.
  • I!
  • All pf those in favor of ordering a bunch of pizza, chinese food and burgers say I.
  • Im a very friendly, humble and giving element. I have a spare electron that I would be happy to donate to any other element in need.
  • Oh! How I regret all that food. Lets stay positive though. I'm just looking a little big right now.
  • Hey, Potassium!!
  • Ha! Did you get the joke? Full of themselves because they have a full valance of electrons. I even tried giving them a spare electron that I had and they laughed in my face. You know what, let me continue telling my story, so lets get back to it.
  • We would totally bond.
  • Imagine us as a mineral supplement. We're going to treat and prevent low potassium in blood together. Wow KCl, it has a smooth sound to it.
  • I ended up finding amazing friends who were just like me. They each had one spare electron and had no problem giving them away to elements who asked. We decided to call ourselves group 1.
  • After last night, I checked my atomic radius. I went over 200! There was no way that was possible. So, I went to the gym so I could go back to my usual atomic radius of 200 pm. While I was there, I saw an old friend of mine. Sulfur! He asked if I had a spare electron and I did, but it didn't complete his valance so we didn't bond. If only my brother were here, we would've completed it.
  • Then, I met this beautiful element. Her name was Chlorine. We formed an ionic bond instantly. I competed her and she completed me. We bonded and together we became potassium chloride.
  • She invited my friends and I to her house. It was like a pool party. Except for the fact that us group 1 elements are very soluable in water. How silly, I tried to not get near the water or I would blow up into purple flames and dissolve.
  • What could possibly be going wrong right now.
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