Feudalism in Europe
Updated: 3/12/2020
Feudalism in Europe

Storyboard Text

  • After the Fall of Rome
  • The People are revolting!
  • Nobles and Lords
  • Have you heard? The king is making half of the nobles lods! And He chose my father!
  • Peace
  • Our country and France have a truce right now. But Everyone is getting uneasy.
  • The People are revolting!!!
  • Night
  • The Lords are prepared for war The King has been taking their money
  • The King has decided to give nobles land and make them lords in exchange for their loyalty.
  • Uneasy Peace
  • The Lords are conveening with the King today.
  • Europe is at peace.
  • The Magna Carta's Effect
  • King John has signed an document that gives the lords more rights!
  • The Lords are ready for war and the King is coming.
  • The Lords have written a document that they are trying to get King John to sign!
  • The Lords have forced King John to sign and he will stop taxing us!