Updated: 10/6/2021

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  • Im tired of eating the same stuff everyday:(
  • Dont eat me please
  • Masopotamia discovered how to farm after relizing they had access to rich soil and rivers. They also learned how to reproduce animals also known as domestication of animals.
  • Hunting and gathering is a hard job I wish there was something else edible besides meat😔
  • Before agriculture started the only food source the mesopotamian people could only hunt and gather their food.
  • Bad timing 😟
  • Omg i can farm
  • Im so old and grumpy I wish I could do something to help
  • Before the old and young people couldnt help with much since hunting was the only food source but now, because of agriculture they can help farm
  • Oh how I love architecture☺️
  • Mesopotamians created lots of thing from sculptures to creating levi's to help the agriculture so it brings water to the soil to make it better for farming.
  • The mesopotamians worshiped 7 gods,Earth, sky, sun, moon, salt water, fresh water, and wind. They were protected by the god of wind. Most of there time was spent praying.
  • *Ziggurate*
  • *praying*
  • yes worship me :D
  • good job child
  • Mesopotamia is now thriving with agriculture and everyone can help farm and make new inventions !
  • I don't get eaten that much anymore!
  • now that the mesopotamian people know how to farm and make new discoveries everyday they thrive in food wealth and and power.