Unknown Story
Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • I best be going home now
  • I should be able to stay here for a a bit
  • But why did it stop raining?
  • ZzzzZZz...
  • The one who was very alone did not have no one to talk to but he knew he had to.
  • I am Death
  • You are at you´re end and their is nobody to save you
  • Who are you
  • After a rush to go to his home in which he had none he decided to settle by a hall.
  • Hey would you like to come with us and if you do we will help you but in return you can help us.
  • sure
  • He slept for just a moment just so he would not show anyone he existed so but he had a wired dream that caused him to panik
  • Suddenly death showed him self in his dream and told him a message.
  • He slept trough the night not seeking but he woke up people that seemed to struggle as he is helped him to live on.
  • They went to the castle to help them and they all lived happily with a relationship that felt like family