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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Daily Life in Rome Empire
  • “Not for all of us! What’s so good about your daily life?
  • “Rome is an amazing place if you have money. For example,
  • “Life is great in the Roman Empire!”
  • Law and Order
  • “Guess what, I am getting promoted from tribune to commander of the army which is the consul.”
  • “I will go fight your wars and sacrifice my life and I don’t even get to vote.”
  • Housing
  • “I can wait to go home to a crowded apartment with 10-12 people crammed in.”
  • “ I can not wait to go home and swim in the inside pool in our atrium.”
  • “This spot is nice and cool and I am so comfortable with these cushions.
  • Recreation
  • “Enjoy it, because I am so hot and uncomfortable. All we have are wooden seats.”
  • Food and Drink
  • Poor Romans
  • Rich Romans
  • The End
  • In the end everybody has equal power
  • And there is a new law saying that 1 of the 2 consuls has to be a plebian.
  • “I am sure it is good. I have fast food again because if I cook something it could start a fire or make the apartment smoky.”
  • “MMMMMMMMM, this is some good food. This is a nice homemade meal.”
  • There is equal rights to everyone sence the Plebeians went on strike so they could have equal rights.
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