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Samyang Advert
Updated: 8/11/2020
Samyang Advert
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Storyboard Text

  • Going home from school
  • Going into the house
  • Walks into the kitchen
  • Walking home from school. Very tired.Time: 15:00Camera Position: Panning Camera MovementSound: Diegetic
  • Done preparing Samyang
  • Opening the door into the house, feeling very hungry.Time: 15:30Camera Position: Stationary Sound: Diegetic
  • Eating
  • Nothing in fridge, checks cupboard, only finds Samyang noodle, so decides to make Samyang noodles.Time: 15:45Camera Position: B-Roll Sound: Non-Diegetic
  • Show Product
  • Goes to sit down on dining table. Starts slurping.Time: 16:00Camera Position: Close-Up ShotSound: Diegetic
  • Sweat drops, satisfaction from eating the Samyang. [Close-up shot]Time: -Camera Position: Close-Up Shot of Slurping/SweatSound: Diegetic
  • *Our Samyang Slogan* Time: -Camera Position: Close-Up Shot of ProductSound: Non-Diegetic
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