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Updated: 11/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • 1/4/20bully_01: did anyone see this embarrassing picture of him??
  • 4/6/20bully_03: hey. when you were talking today you sounded so weird lol. you sounded like you were crying lol.
  • 6/21/20bully_05: hey @him remember that one time you tripped in front of everybody? lol what a loser.
  • 12/7/19bully_02: anyone else see what he was wearing today? omg so gross!!
  • 2/12/20bully_04: @him was dressed like a monkey lol. like bro did you get dressed in the dark lol.
  • 8/27/20bully_06: he got rejected by his crush today. what an idiot to think anyone would like him.