Oedipus KIng By Joshua Makalintal
Updated: 9/10/2020
Oedipus KIng  By Joshua Makalintal

Storyboard Text

  • I will do anything to find the murderer!
  • Oedipus finds Tiresias an old blind prophet too looks for answers , but the only thing he finds out is the tragic truth that he thinks is a lie
  • How dare you say such lies!!
  • You are what you seek. YOU ARE YOUR FATHERS KILLER!
  • After Oedipus was finished talking to Tiresias, a messenger arrived.
  • My king, Your father has died. You should take your place in our kingdom.
  • I have killed my father the prophecy has happened
  • But he is not your real father. He adopted you i know this because i gave him to you
  • I have killed my own father and married my mother
  • I have blinded my myself so that i wont have to see the suffering of my parents as i enter the house of haeds