dont get kidnapped 2

Updated: 10/15/2020
dont get kidnapped 2

Storyboard Text

  • Risk continued
  • No, I just ate, but why not steal your own kids organs?
  • I have candy.
  • Risk continued
  • No i'm leaving.
  • Get in the van!
  • Introduce conflict
  • Okay but lets think about this, if you steal my organs how will i eat the candy
  • Hey STOP!
  • 4.old guy: says that he has candykid: says that she just ate, and that her parents would get mad at her but how bout you have your own kids and sell their organs not mine.Old guy: face goes mad
  • Conflict continued
  • I dont want your organs. I just dont like candy. now get in the van!
  • 5.old guy: screams get in the vankid: no i'm leavingKid: Walks away
  • Conflict
  • 6.Van drives after her and says to stop angrilykid: okay but let's think about this, if you steal my organs, then how will i be able to eat the candyOld guy: thinks
  • Resolution
  • 7.old guy: I won't take your organs. I just don't like candy. NOW GET IN THE VAN.kid: okay but i don't want it either. How bout you donate it?*calls the police secretly*
  • I dont like candy either. Just donate it.
  • 8.old guy, okay, but how about you have this giant lego set. *Looks sus*kid: how about you go kidnap someone else?
  • Okay but do you want this giant lego set?
  • Why not kidnap someone else?
  • 9.old guy: No *gets out of car* now get in the van!Police: *Come out of nowhere* freeze you are under arrest for kidnaping.*put old guy in van*The end
  • No, now get in the van!
  • Freeze! You are under arrest!