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WWAIPAT summative task
Updated: 7/2/2020
WWAIPAT summative task
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  • This is John, a refugee that escaped from the bloody Vietnam war that happened 45 years ago, he is here to explain his story...
  • The Vietnam war was a nightmare to my country, and to people around me.
  • How it all started
  • When the war started, he said goodbye to me and my mum and went off.
  • My dad was a soldier in the south Vietnamese army.
  • After a few months...
  • Me and my mother heard news that my father had died in a recent attack and that some Viet Cong soldiers were coming to our village.
  • Feeling frightened, me and my mother decided to flee South Vietnam
  • In 1954 the Vietnamese had kicked their French colonizers out, then the country split in 2, thanks to political disagreements.
  • Nha Trang port 
  • On the port of Nha Trang, be boarded a small wooden boat that was headed towards Indonesia.
  • On the 1st of November, 1955, under the leadership of Ho Chi Mihn, the North Vietnamese army and the Viet Cong (Communists) attacked the South
  • For months, my mum and I travelled through the rough waves of the Indian ocean
  • Life on the boat was terrible, it was cramped, uncomfortable, and thanks to overcrowding, it smelled.
  • To get on a fleeing ship, the South Vietnamese from Saigon had to walk 86 hours just to get to the port of Nha Trang. Many of these escapees would be captured by Viet Cong scouts. 
  • Indonesia
  • After 3 months of sailing, we finally reached Indonesia.
  • Even though my hard times have gone, the lost of my father will forever scar me
  • The port of Nha Trang was crowded with escaping refugees, these escaping people would be known as the Vietnamese boat people.
  • Both me and by mum knew this was our last chance.
  • The refugees had to sail 5,777 km south to Indonesia, however there were many dangers. Some of these dangers included, lack of food and pirates. Sailing on the ocean was miserable, and boredom was common.
  • The refugees were unloaded on the beaches of Indonesia. At first the Indonesian government was not willing to keep the refugees, but luckily western countries such as the United States would resettle the refugees. to help these refugees we need to set up refugee camps and build hospitals for the refugees.
  • We now live in a small hut by the ocean, like they say, there's always a rainbow after the rain
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