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Updated: 2/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hundred Year War
  • When the king of France had died Edward III what to claim the throne because he was related, but Philip VI was chosen by France people.
  • I should be king of France because I am blood related to the king.
  • The people of France don't want a king that is English.
  • Joan of Arc: Her Early Life
  • Get out the way French girl.
  • Why does the English treat us France so bad.
  • Joan this is God. You must fight back against the English.
  • God, told me France had won a battle.
  • Joan and the French General/ Prince
  • I can talk to God. I will be of great help.
  • Really why should I believe you.
  • How did she know that I don't even know that.
  • Okay.
  • Xavier Stanley7th grade
  • Joan and the Battle of Orleans
  • Fire!
  • When Joan was growing up the English had been mistreating the french that lived in her town but then all of a sudden she could hear God.
  • Joan's Capture and Execution
  • She guilty burn her at the Stake.
  • When Joan went to the castle to talk to the prince and general it took awhile for the prince to let her fight so during that time she trained and learned how to fight.
  • Joan Inspire the French to Win
  • Good job.
  • For John!
  • We surrender.
  • Joan had to wear mens clothing to fight because womens clothing were not suited to fight in. When Joan had came to help fight everything change for France, this was important because it started to give hope to people.
  • She can speak to god.
  • CHARGE !
  • Follow her lead.
  • The reason why Joan was put on trial and killed was because when she was say she could speak to God. the English didn't like that. They thought she was a witch and wearing mens clothing didn't help her case either.
  • We charge her for being a witch and wearing mens clothing.
  • Yes her talking to God, is preposterous.
  • Once Joan was dead the French went on to win the war in the name of Joan. Joan also became a Saint.