Updated: 4/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I'm going to work, I wait and have the house ready for when I return
  • yes, as always
  • I'm already finishing cleaning the windows,I still have a lot to do ... fix the kitchen, the rooms, cleaning the floor...
  • I'm so tired of just doing chores, I want to work and be free
  • Long ago, in ancient greece, we could saw when women did not exercise their rights
  •  I have an idea, Sparta, life there is different I can go out and have a more active life, I have to tell my husband about this, I hope he likes the idea 
  • We saw how the woman complained that she was only doing housework.
  • 3-Okay
  • 1-what happened?
  • 2-but why
  • 2-to have a better life, we can raise our children in good health
  • 1-let's go to Sparta
  • We saw how the woman wanted to exercise her rights and not do what they told her
  • Wow it's great, I already want to go out and work for what I want
  • yes it's great
  • Esparta was a place where life was different, there women had a more active life, where they could have and raise healthy babies and have better physical strength
  • We decided to go to Sparta to have a better life-Said the women
  •  When we arrived I loved the place, I was finally able to do what I wanted and we formed a beautiful family -said the woman