The Magickians
Updated: 5/30/2020
The Magickians
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Four friends are on a quest to find four keys to unlock magic.

Storyboard Text

  • Ryan
  • Brianna
  • Lana
  • Michael
  • what do ya call a rodeo bull with a sense of humor? a laughing stock.
  • ain't I funny? I got jokes for days.
  • Four Friends are on a quest to find four keys. They find a map in an old antique shop that leads to a clearing in the woods, which is rumored to hold a great castle.
  • if y'all want this key, y'all are gonna have to go through me
  • The group stumbles apon the first key in the mouth of an old oak tree that is marked on the map as "The tree of screams". In order to get the key, Michael must scream at the tree.
  • The group locates the second key in a tiny rats home. Ryan tickles the rat with a feather to make rat let go of the key so that he can grab it.
  • The third is being held by a goofy goblin. If they don't laugh at every one of his funny puns, he will drop it in a deep hole. The group makes it through every joke and retrieves the third key.
  • The last key is being held by the beast. In order to retrieve the key, the crew decide to trick the beast into
  • With the new found powers of fire, water, lightning, and air casting, the groupd of friends beat the great beast and unlock the great riches of the castle.
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