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Mitosis Man
Updated: 3/25/2020
Mitosis Man
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  • I am Mitosis Man!
  • I am Professor Matt, and he is Professor Matthew. I developed Mitosis Man, but we both contributed for Miss Meiosis.
  • I am Miss Meiosis!
  • Mitosis Man's superpower is that he can divide to make exact copies of himself. He uses this to help repair the city. This makes fighting any bad guys a lot easier. Mitosis Man divides by growing and replicating his modified DNA before making a copy of himself.
  • Mitosis Man doesn't just fight bad guys, however. He is also used for the growth and repair of the city. 5000 Mitosis Men in a city could build epic skyscrapers in a matter of days.
  • Miss Meiosis is a little bit different. She was actually a failed experiment to make another Mitosis Man, but don't tell her that. She does divide, but her morals are a little different. She also divides a little differently. Instead of making exact copies, Miss Meiosis has some variety. Also, to make 4 copies, Miss Meiosis has to divide twice.
  • Unlike Mitosis Man, Miss Meiosis can not divide indefinitely. She can only divide into 4 copies, but, they are all different. This is because her division process includes crossing over genes, so there is no telling what Miss Meiosis will be. Miss Meiosis doesn't save any city from bad guys, either. She uses her variety to make more heroes.
  • Mitosis Man and Miss Meiosis have some similarities, though. They both divide, and in order to divide, they have to grow and replicate their super DNA. There are some differences, however. Mitosis Man repairs the city and makes it grow. Miss Meiosis makes new heroes.
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