Catcher in the rye storyboard
Updated: 1/29/2021
Catcher in the rye storyboard

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  • Allie's Baseball Game
  • So what I did, I wrote about my brother Allie's baseball mitt. It was a very descriptive subject
  • What the hell is going on
  • Holden's past with Jane
  • ...
  • Holden Meets Sunny
  • "Do you mind cutting it out?" I said. "I'm not in the mood, I just told you. I just had an operation."
  • "What the heck did you tell that crazy Maurice you wanted a girl for, then?
  • Holden loved his brother that is now dead and his best memory of him is his baseball glove. It's one of his prized possesions
  • Holden is remembering when he used to play chess with jane
  • Holden feels bad for sunny having to work a job like that at such a young age. He realizes someone has it worse than him. He lies about having an operation because he doesn't want to do it with this girl.