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Updated: 2/13/2020
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  • Boyd, Jade. “Deep Learning Accurately Forecasts Heat Waves, Cold Spells.” Rice News, 4 Feb. 2020, news.rice.edu/2020/02/04/deep-learning-accurately-forecasts-heat-waves-cold-spells/.
  • Kelvin Resch
  • From ACM News
  • I chose this article because it appealed to my interests and I already have some knowledge about the deep learning machine, the topic of the article. Furthermore, it also seemed like one of the most relevant articles to this course.
  • Hello giant! Have you heard about the deep learning machine learning meteorolgy?
  • No plebeian, I have not! What is it?
  • Rice University has taught deep learning to predict extreme weather events up to 5 days ahead of time accurately. It could be developed into one of the most accurate weather predicting algorithms we have today.
  • Deep learning? Like the artificial intelligence machine?
  • Yes exactly that. It uses metadata to evolve an algorithm to solve complex problems. It can be used to solve or optimize processes that would take humans a very long time to do
  • Wow! The possibilities for societal contributions!
  • Yeah lets get out of here!
  • Looks like it didn't predict this one!