E-Waste and Recyclables
Updated: 11/13/2020
E-Waste and Recyclables

Storyboard Text

  • Hahaha, yeah, so moving on. I recently got a new job.
  • Really! Tell me about it!
  • So you know how 70% of all our toxic landfill is electronic waste?
  • No! That's crazy!
  • Well, most of the e-waste is not even being recycled properly, and I now work at a facility uptown that takes car of that
  • That sucks to hear that our e-waste is not being taken care of, that's great that you decided to take that job
  • Oh, I would look for parts of electronics that can be resold as they are still valuable, then I would send the rest to the shedder
  • So, what do you do at the facility?
  • I would for the most part look for batteries and CRTs, as they are easily recyclable are re-usable
  • What valuable do you tend to look for?
  • It can be exhausting, but I like trying to make the world less toxic you know?
  • That job must be quite a bit of work...