Updated: 4/8/2021

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  • What you eating there richy rich.
  • I'll be eating good tonight.
  • Great, I'm stuck with fish and asparagus.
  • I'll be eating the finest in the land.
  • Please let me have food.
  • I cant wait for my jellyfish and parrot dinner
  • The What?
  • But I got no money i got robbed.
  • Just go to the Thermal Polia.
  • It is were you can get pre made meals.
  • It is still pricey Dave.
  • Or if your really short on cash then go to the market.
  • Well first, my name isn't Dave, it Banana. And Two, if you can't afford the market then grow food. 
  • Well ah...
  • And if you can't grow food then you doomed.