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Samantha's Recue 2
Updated: 10/8/2020
Samantha's Recue 2
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  • The Road Of Trials
  • No, we aren’t ready yet, I haven’t gained her trust!
  • I still need to get more of her secrets, I will tell you when it is time.
  • The Experience with Unconditional Love
  • She said what!?
  • The Ultimate Boon/Treasure
  • Chloe and her family are leaving town so this will be easy!”
  • Dad, tonight is the night!
  • OH NO!
  • I still didn’t tell anyone about how Olivia actually stole the necklace, because no one would believe me! Because of this, I had to have after school detention for a whole week because I was a “thief”. Then, the next day I was in the bathroom stall when I could overhear Olivia in the other stall. She was on the phone with someone.
  • Refusal of the Return
  • That night, at home I decided to tell my sister, Sarah, about what I had heard. She suggested that I tell an adult what is going on but they would just think I was lying. We decided that I had to get video proof of what Olivia was going to do and Sarah was going to help me.
  • The Magic Flight
  • I followed Olivia around for 2 weeks. She hadn’t said anything suspicious so I was starting to lose hope that we would catch her. Until one evening, Sarah and I were standing on the side of the school building and Olivia was just around the corner. She was on the phone again.
  • Rescue from Without
  • Your coming with us!
  • I will call the police
  • We could tell an adult, but we still needed proof. That night, around 10:00 Sarah and I We were not going to stop until Olivia was caught. We could tell an adult, but we still needed proof. That night, around 10:00 Sarah and I snuck out into the cold dark streets of Rock Springs Wyoming. We went to Chloe's house and waited for anything to happen.After waiting about a half an hour in the prickly bushes in front of her house, we saw bright van headlights heading towards the house. I saw Olivia and what I think was her dad step out of the van.
  • I will video tape
  • As I was calling the police Olivia and her dad started coming out of the house! They must have heard me talking on the phone! They looked in our direction and started to walk towards us. Sarah and I scrambled out of the bushes and we both started to run down the street, but I wasn’t fast enough. Olivia’s dad grabbed me and covered my mouth. The criminals locked me in the back of their van with my hands tied and tape over my mouth!
  • Run!
  • I knew you were on to me!
  • HELP!
  • I had already called the police earlier so I knew help was on its way. Olivia and her dad continued to pack stuff into the van. All of a sudden, I could hear the loud sirens coming in our direction! Olivia’s dad screamed, “We have to get out of here!” They were not fast enough though because 3 police cars pulled up right behind them!
  • You saved me!
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