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Updated: 3/11/2020
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  • Joeys Trip
  • Right now Joey is ground water he is in the form of a liquid. From the ground water he will go into a river. Ground Is under the ground. So when rains the rain water soaks in the ground and that is what Joey is at right now. He is with all of his family and friends underground and having fun but he does not want to go to the river.
  • Joey is now into the river the ground water filtered him into the river. The river is moving very fast. But after awhile he stoped due to an tree that had fallen over. This is now a collection where water collects and then goes to the ocean. The water is now high enough that it went through the tree and is now flowing to the ocean.
  • Joey is now in the ocean. The river he was in flowed to the ocean . Joey wants you to now that the earth is around 75% water. He is in the ocean but then he slowly feels like he is sick. But then Joey just remembers he is turning to a gas. And he knows his destination the clouds. As he slowly turns into a gas he is evaporating up into the clouds. He has made some new friends.
  • Joey is now in the clouds. There are many other water droplets in the cluds with Joey. And more and more water came up to the clouds and It wont stop soon the water drpolrts will start to come together and form bigger drpolets. Now that has happend all the water drpolets are getting bigger and coming together. And soon thet will come down to earth.
  • Joey is now falling back down to the surface of the Earth. Where he could potentially go back to his groundwater city. He is at the state of precipitation. That is when the water in te clouds gets to heavy in the water from in the clouds then falls down to the earths surface. He is falling into a Lake.
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