Water comic 2
Updated: 3/11/2020
Water comic 2

Storyboard Text

  • From the lake that Joey was in. The water from the lake flowed into a river. There was to much water from when it rained that in could not go into the ground. Well he was in the ground but he was discharged that means he was in the ground but then he was spit out of the ground.
  • Joey is back to the ocean and he will get evaporated which is where the water turns into the gas and rises up to the clouds Heat and energy helps the gas rise to the clouds. soon he will go up to the clouds and come back down. But he knows that the water cycle never stops but he really wants to get bavk to his ground water city to see his friends.
  • Joey is in the clouds again he will soon condence with other water droplets to form bigger droplets. And that will get the cloud to be to heavey and precipitation will happen precipitation is the rain that falls from the clouds. He hopes he will go to his ground water home. But he knows the chances he will most likely not go under ground.
  • After the water in Joeys cloud condensed he fell back down to the ocean and it's going to evaporate back up to the clouds again. evaporation is least favorite part of the water cycle. evaporation is least favorite part of the water cycle. all Joey wants to do is get back to the groundwater City. But the chanses are very slim that he will get back. He has no idea where he is he thinks he is very far from home who knows what will happen next.
  • Joey is back in the clouds waiting to be rained out again he is very bored all he wants to do is get back to his City where his family lives. Angie do something to get rid of this water cycle Angie do something to get rid of this random cycleyou starting to condense with others droplets and get rain down.
  • After Joey falls down from the clouds he ends up in the lake. From the clouds He is expecting to go back to the river again. but then this huge animal comes up to Joeys part of the opens her mouth and starts to drink after a few seconds Joey gets gulped up and still to this day he is in the bear.