Updated: 10/27/2020

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  • Telling his wife about the angle
  • Muhammd talking to angle Gabriel
  • Muhammad talking to meccans about his teachings
  • Muhammad told his wife that the angle Gabriel told him he was the messanger of god. And his wife belived him and trusted him.
  • Muhammad and his family/follower fleeding Mecca
  • So he went to the cave and prayed to the angle and the angle told him to memorize the things he told him and he did
  • everyone settling in medina
  • Muhmmad told Meccans about his teachings but some people did not like it he got so much hate and threats.
  • Muhammad wining the war and destroying the idols.
  • Meccans who were against Muhammad boycotted, starved , and tortured muslims to give up there faith so muhammad fleed mecca with his family and followers
  • After that he settled in a city called medina after that they went to war with mecca
  • After they went to war they won and destroyed the idols within the ka'ba and dedicated it to islam after that it became the holliest place for muslims.