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Updated: 12/10/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • Preston is shooting hoops at his local park, he is scoring points on everyone. A basketball trainer by the name of Ricky watches Preston play basketball and he is impressed. Preston wants to play at the next level
  • Ricky comes up to Preston telling him how good he is. Preston heard this 1000 times and doesn't mind it, but Ricky tells him that he can get him ready for the NBA and Preston is intrigued and accepts him to be his trainer
  • Ricky trains Preston hard everyday for the next 6 months. He teaches Preston new moves, defenses, and plays. Preston is not fond of it but he relises that this is what it takes to get to the NBA
  • When Preston is at the NBA Combine and he is the best one there. He is scoring all of his teams points and stopping his opponents on defense. He later gets drafted #1 in the draft
  • Preston goes on to be in the HOF and is recognized as one of the best basketball player to ever live. He becomes rich and famous and gives back to his community
  • Preston is retired now and went back to his hometown to go see his friend Ricky. He thanks Ricky for all that he has done for him to get to the NBA. Preston goes on to be a successful news reporter for ESPN while Ricky runs basketball camps for underprivileged kids in the hood.
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