French and Indian War
Updated: 12/10/2020
French and Indian War

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Indians POV

Storyboard Text

  • What a beautiful morning in our village.
  • Yes!!
  • Wait did you see that?
  • Oh no..
  • Hopefully, we can take over the land before the British.
  • Yes, we need the native Americans for trading.
  • We need to claim this river as soon as possible.
  • Oh! those are French explorers. No need to worry they are our allies.
  • Then what about the men in the red coats...?
  • The French and the British both wanted the Ohio River even though the Natives were there first. George Washington sent troops to tell the French to leave. The French and there allies took down Washington's fort. And that class, is how the war begun. The French were winning until the battle of Quebec. Seven years later the war ended once the Treaty of Paris was signed. The effect of this war were, France had to give up most of its land in North America, Britain claimed almost all land east of the Mississippi River, France gave New Orleans and Louisiana to Spain, and colonists were angry.
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