Leadership Projec
Updated: 1/28/2020
Leadership Projec
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  • Whiskey Rebellion
  • Washington stays neutral with war going on in Europe
  • Britain
  • France
  • French Threat
  • $2 million for the land??!/
  • I'll think about it
  • Washington showed good leadership during the Whiskey rebellion because he faced the problem/rebellion, sending a strong message to the people. "His actions sent a strong message to the public: The government would use force to maintain order." (pg.270) This proves great leadership on Washington's side because he stopped the rebellion right away and made it clear that he was not going to tolerate that.
  • War with Tripoli
  • For this event, President Washington showed good leadership because he knew that choosing a side wouldn't be good for his country. "President Washington issued the Proclamation of Neutrality, which prohibited Americans from fighting in the war... Britain also challenged Washington's desire for neutrality." (pg.272) Even after being challenged in his choice of staying neutral, Washington achieved it by Jay's treaty, compromising with Britain so that they wouldn't involve the Americans.
  • Trade Restrictions with Britain and France
  • Who's a bigger threat?
  • Jefferson showed good leadership in this situation by taking an initiative in order to try and atop the Spanish and French from taking over. "The agreement between Spain and France posed a serious threat to the US." (pg.297) By sending someone to make an offer, it showed leadership and that he knew what he was doing.
  • War of 1812
  • In this event, Jefferson showed leadership by taking a quick initiative against the Tripoli and protecting his country. "In response, Jefferson sent ships to blockade Tripoli." (pg.307) This proves that he took an immediate response to the problem, showing great leadership.
  • Madison showed good leadership in this situation because he knew who the bigger enemy was and knew to stay away from them. "Madison believed Britain was the bigger threat to the US." (pg.311) By knowing who their countries larger threat was, he knew to stay away from them and just stick with France.
  • James Madison showed good leadership when scaring off a group of red coats on September 1814. "An American naval force on the lake defeated the British fleet in Sept.1814" This proves good leadership because they did what ever they could to stop the British from attacking/invading more territory.
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