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Updated: 9/1/2020
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  • survival
  • propaganda
  • you can win
  • enviormental distruction
  • there world is destroyed so the go to a world in vr and its a game that they can die in and loose
  • technical
  • the person that made the world knew that it would be what everybody did all day so it is like a control because everyone always gos to the oasis
  • dystopia
  • there world is full of trash and dryed and absulutly trash so instead of trying to fix it or clean it up somebody made a vr world they go to everyday
  • futuristic
  • ready player one is very technical they spend most of there time in vr so most of the story inst even in person there in a game
  • this is a dystopia because it is very futuristic but ts also very bad like how the company is trying to either kill wade so he cant win or beat him to winning
  • this is futuristic because they use virtual reality and they have a bunch of diffrent suits to either feel or not feel and all kinds of other tech thats not been perfected yet
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