Updated: 10/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • the Romans established a a form of government known as a republic. in a republic, the power is on the citizens who vote to select there leaders. the established a republic in 509 BC
  • For the next 500 years, the Romans operated under a political system that served as a model for many of today's democratic nations.
  • The Romans eventually conquered all of what is modern-day Italy as well as other nearby lands. During a series of Wars between 264 and 146 BC, Roman forces defeated a powerful North African civilization known as Carthage.
  • These wars are known as the Punic Wars.) The Victory gave Romans control over much of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • in 45 BC, a powerful Roman general named Julius Caesar brought order to Rome and names himself sole ruler this brought an end to the Roman Republic.
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