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The Story of Tom Ato
Updated: 10/5/2020
The Story of Tom Ato
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  • My name is Tom Ato. I'm 26 years old and currently working as a crime scene investigator.
  • I graduated college with a bachelors degree in computer science.
  • I actually didn't initially plan on ending up in the field I did, but having a bachelors degree in computer science is actually highly sought after in the crime scene investigation field .
  • The largest and most important part of my job requires me to travel to various different crime scenes to gather evidence and take photos.
  • Hours can fluctuate since I need to be ready at a moments notice should a crime take place. Being able to gather evidence quickly while it's fresh and having a keen eye for details are vital skills in this department.
  • The other major part of my day is getting to examine and record all the evidence collected from the crime scene in the department lab.
  • This task is usually done alone, but sometimes I have help from forensic co-workers or another investigator. Making sure everything is examined thoroughly is a very important step in the job.
  • Usually the final component of my job involves testifying in court with the evidence I've collected and examined
  • Being able to present proper evidence can determine the outcome of a trial in a lot of cases, and that's why it's vital the collection and examination of evidence are handled with extreme detail and care.
  • Like any job there's always risk involved, and while crime scene investigation doesn't have many physical risk, the mental toll it can have is huge. Needing to be speedy all the time, paying close attention to details, constantly being ready in case you're needed. All these can factor into a persons mental health, and that's why being able to surround myself with people like my family is an important part of my life .
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