school work
Updated: 5/20/2020
school work

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  • hi my names walker and i'm here to talk about a very serous topic.
  • one of the many problems of This is how in every single state in the united states can a minimal wage worker could afford a 2 bedroom apartment so Having a affordable place to live is hard mostly in big city like new York Manhattan here a single square foot is worth 1,271 dollars where as in new York it is 660 dollars.
  • In our world today 1 to 8 million American Kids dont know where they or when their next meal might be so just let that sink in
  • After you've let that sink in lets think about another thing over 50% of people who are fed by just one organization called Feeding America were having to chose between having food on the table or a house.
  • But changes have been happening in 1980 their were only about 2 dozen food banks in the US. But now in today's world their are about 200 food banks.
  • After all of this you may be wondering how you can help and their are 3 ways 1 start a food drive 2 donate money to help support hunger relief and third use your voice and support policy to support stoping hunger.