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French and Indian War - History
Updated: 10/9/2020
French and Indian War - History
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  • An Algonquian Native American helping a French soldier
  • Us Algonquian will be friends will you French. Please use the sacred rivers wisely
  • A French soldier stopping a British colonist from going west
  • Halt, settler. This is French claimed land!
  • Ben Franklin at the Albany Conference.
  • Would you like to be allies?
  • No, Thanks.
  • The French befriend the Natives around the Mississippi and Ohio River Valley. The French use the land for fur trapping. The French could control the entire fur trapping market with perfect guidance and access to the river and accompanying land.
  • The French and Native Americans defeat Washington at Fort Duquesne
  • The French and Britain both have claims to the Ohio River Valley area. Colonists head over the Appalachian and move west. Both sides have claims to the land, and the French import troops to the valley.
  • The British win the War.
  • The Albany Plan of Union was developed by Ben Franklin. At the Albany Conference the British as the Iroquois Nation to form an alliance, but they declined. Franklin also proposed the Colonies have a federal government, to declare war and peace and for taxes, but this plan was denied.
  • The Treaty of Paris is signed
  • The French build Fort Duquesne. General Edward Braddock commands the British army. The British built also built a fort called Necessity. George Washington ans his Virginia militia were stationed at Necessity. With the help of the Native Americans, the French attack the fort and Washington and his militia were expelled from the area. General Braddock is Killed as well.
  • Leader of the British House of Commons, William Pitt planned to end the war. He gave resources, supplies and money to the war cause. He sent generals to America that had experience elsewhere. The British started to winning, the Iroquois stepped in, and eventually, France surrendered.
  • Great Britain official beats France in 1763. The Treaty of Paris is signed and Britain has a superior military. Britain also acquires new land.
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