History - Constitutional Convention
Updated: 12/10/2020
History - Constitutional Convention

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  • Articles of Confederation
  • Articles of Confederation
  • Shay's Rebellion
  • We need a strong, central government!!!
  • James Madison and Alexander Hamilton
  • I am Alexander Hamilton of New York, and I call for congress to meet!
  • I am James Madison, and I say we discuss trade and taxation problems!
  • The war is over and America has its independence. In 1777, Congress adopts the Articles of Confederation. The Second Continental congress puts together a committee to plan a government. It is sent to the states, and congress needed all 13 to ratify it.
  • The Constitutional Convention
  • Constitutional Convention
  • The Articles of Confederation are controversial. On the one hand, they provide a good system to divide new land and admit new states to the union. On the other hand, they cause an economic collapse, can't pay war veterans and the Articles are an all out failure. Shay's Rebellion exposes the lack of power in government and a need for a centralized, powerful federal government.
  • The Virginia Plan
  • I propose we:Trash the Articles of Confederation,Create a federal Government with three equal branches, Legislative, Executive Judicial,Popular sovereignty by letting the people decide who represents them, and divide congress into two houses, one where the representatives reflect the states population.
  • Strong nationalistic feelings started to rise from those in power wanting change. James Madison of Virginia and Alexander Hamilton of New York both called for congress to set up a convention.
  • The New Jersey Plan
  • I have a counter proposal to the Honorable James Madison's plan:We need to keep the articles of confederation, and modify them, not throw it away. Congress shall only have one house, and all states, large or small, are equally represented.
  • Many now famous thinkers and framers attended the Constitutional Convention, which was close to the public. George Washington took the lead and James Madison took notes. Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and Roger Sherman among others were in attendance.
  • From James Madison came the Virginia Plan. The plan's ideas included getting rid of the Articles of Confederation, and establishing a strong federal government. The legislative, Judicial, and executive branches would make up the government.
  • James Madison
  • The Virginia Plan received mixed reviews. Most agreed that a central government should have three branches but the smaller states did not want to be neglected it the last part of the plan. William Paterson came up with counter solution.
  • William Paterson