The Two Grandmothers

Updated: 2/10/2021
The Two Grandmothers

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  • Mommy, I love Grandma Del soooo much! she always makes me feel special.
  • I know you do! You're always speaking about her. Why do you like her soooo much darling?
  • That's, lovely honey!
  • Mommy, she combs my hair with castor oil, carries me to church and show me off to her friends.
  • So, what about Grandma Elaine?
  • She started cursing, and she also says that Grandma Del is a country bumpkin from the deepest waters and that I should not quote her Goddamn sayings to her.
  • Grandma Elaine is so different from Grandma Del. She only cares about her appearance and makeup.One day, I saw her painting her face and I told her that Grandma Del says it's a sin.
  • Okay, mommy. She also told me to call her Towser, I don't know. Should I?
  • She said that? Don't worry about my mother, she's just argumentative.
  • Why, the sudden change of heart hunny?
  • Mommy, I don't want to go to Grandma Del anymore.
  • She's so old and boring. She doesn't even have a colored TV like Grandma Elaine and I feel soooo embarrassed when my friends ask me where I'm going for the holidays.
  • But, honey, she is your Grandmother and she really likes your company. But do whatever makes you happy.